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Professional Training in Theraplay®Drs. Myrow and Bundy-Myrow provide a full range of training in Theraplay®. As Affiliates of the Theraplay Institute in Chicago, Drs. Myrow and Bundy-Myrow provide Introductory and Intermediate Workshops andSupervision which are accredited by the Institute.  This allows Educational and Mental Health professionals to work toward Certification as a Theraplay ® Therapist.In addition, Drs. Myrow and Bundy-Myrow are Certified Supervisors by the Association for Play Therapy and by the International Board of Examiners of Certified Play Therapists, enabling Trainees to earn supervision credit. Workshops and presentations also can be tailored to the needs of schools, agencies, professional organizations, and parent groups.  Examples include:

Improving Parent-Child Relationships
Love, Laughter, and Limits  
Strategies for Overactive Children
Interpersonal Approaches for Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Nature and Needs of Autistic Children
Theraplay for Autistic and PDD Children
Group Interventions in the Classroom
Positive Approaches for Behavior Change
Developing Attachment in Adoptive and  Stepfamilies
Group Theraplay®
Theraplay®: A Family-Play Therapy
Awakening the Withdrawn or Depressed Child
Theraplay®Strategies for Teenagers
Meeting  Children at Their Emotional Ages
Theraplay® Approaches for Pre-Schoolers
Case Consultation and Supervision.

Like Theraplay itself, workshops are intended to be fun as well as informative, and participants are invited to take an active role.  Most workshops  include opportunities for role playing, observation of videotapes or actual client observations, and plenty of movement.  Join in! Please accept our invitation to contact us to explore Professional Training Opportunities.

Telephone: (716) 675-6702 or email: drdave@theraplace.com

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